The importance of food security

AFP: Spike in prices hits Hong Kong shoppers, food industry

The article above is about food security. In our increasingly global economy, prices of commodities can flucutate wildly. Hong Kong is a key example, or microcosm, of what can happen to food prices. Hong Kong is in the precarious position of having to import most of their food. They do have some farmland in the territory, but a lot of their food comes either from Mainland China or from other sources in the Australasia region.

In a region, like the Lower Mainland, where we supply roughly half the food that we consume, we’re in good shape. However, examples like Hong Kong are further argument for preserving our current Agricultural Land Reserve. We cannot afford to lose more of this precious farming land to development. Plus, with increasing oil prices, if we can produce more food locally or have more local diet, we’ll in better shape of controlling our food. Nobody wants any of their staple foods to be subject to wild price fluctuations like those seen in Hong Kong.

2 thoughts on “The importance of food security

  1. what is wrong with you , every thing you have concluded Hon kong what deos that mean , becouse we are not dealing only what is going only Hong kong ,why dont you talk globally instead doing locally , any way that was unique may be for your country ,
    by we shal meet when we can ‘t avoid each other.

    1. Mr. Hassan, you do point out that there is a global effect. That is definitely true. However, that wasn’t the scope of this particular post. The conclusions simply point out that some places, like Hong Kong, are more prone to fluctuations in food prices than other places.

      In general, however, it is important that cities have local food sources which they can control better. Many cities around the world nowadays do not have enough nearby farms to serve them. Then these cities must seek food from non-local sources which they cannot control.

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