An inspiring voice for moderation and dialogue

Washington Post ( April 18, 2008 ) Caught in the Middle, Called a Traitor

Please read this article if you have a chance. I must say it`s a very inspiring and saddening article at the same time.

I am inspired by Grace Wang`s courage to stand up and speak out as the voice of moderation in a debate with two very vocal sides. When I realize that she`s only a freshman at Duke University, it`s even more inspriring. I admire her dream to learn more languages. By learning more languages, she`ll learn more cultures. By learning more cultures, she gain a better understanding that will be a benefit to her and to those around her.

She`s caught int he middle of a debate on Tibet which there is a lot of misunderstanding on both sides about the issues. Grace simply wants to start a creative dialogue between the two sides. Unfortunately, as events unfold, she becomes the target.

The disgraceful part is how people have treated her and her family — death threats, feces on the door of her home in China, and harrassment in Chinese cyberspace. She has become the scapegoat all in the name of national pride. No one should have to be subjected to such harrassment. It`s sad to see. It does not reflect well on Chinese as a whole. (Just as Bush is not a good reflection of America as a whole).

Hopefully, all of these things will settle down and her life can resume, more or less, normally. One thing is for certain, though. Grace Wang`s life has been forever changed, for better or for worse.


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