Bike to Work week over, but Bike Month starts

I participated this past week in Bike to Work Week. The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition ( hosted the Bike to Work Week website. It was fun to set up a team at work (even if only 2 of us cycled in) and to log our mileage. One great application on their website is Mapping Your Route. It uses Google Maps to allow you to mark exactly your starting point, your ending point, and every single little twist and turn you make along the way. I logged about 39 kms of cycling over 2 days of biking to work. It’s quite encouraging to me to see what I can do as a cyclist in Vancouver. The other great thing were the commuter stations set up around town. They handed out free coffee, bagels, cookies, maps, and brochures. I even got a couple of battery-powered reflectors.

So with Bike Month right around the corner, I’m sure that VACC will continue to support cycling. Also, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) is the other group that will be able to help you with starting on your cycling to work endeavours.

Now, I just need to invest in a knee support to prevent my knee from hurting so much after a long commute.


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