Greater Vancouver Television from Community Channel to Internet

I find it hard to find multimedia outlets about Vancouver. The Vancouver Sun has simply decimated the amount of truly local coverage. They’ve substituted their Westcoast News with a Cascadia at-a-glance section with news from not just true Cascadia (BC, Washington, Oregon, Idaho), but also from Montana and Alberta (which are typically not considered a part of Cascadia). If I read the Globe and Mail’s Globe BC section, it’s even more sad in terms of local content.

The Internet and the local community papers are probably the only media outlets for true local content. One of my favourite sites is It’s supported by the City of Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, Shaw Cable, Novus, and Delta Cable. The show is readily available on cable TV on the community channel, but I like it better online because I can pick and choose the issues I want to hear. We also get access to some urban issues lectures that are around town, such as Globe 2008. Where else can you find a 15 minute video on Vancouver urban issues.

Keep in mind that the show is a bit sanitized and still does not represent all views around the region, but it does give a nice visual intro to many projects and issues in the region. Visit the site and learn more about local issues and become informed about the region.


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