Creative Class Group

Well, the Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences conference is over and is off to Ottawa’s Carleton University next year.

However, the headliner for my interest in this year’s Congress was Richard Florida.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to his actual talk.  Work would enable me to be there.  However, I went to the follow-up panel discussion.

At the beginning of the discussion, they prepped the audience with a few videos from Florida’s Creative Class Group website.  The videos are found at the bottom of his video page.

Indeed, as suspected, Richard Florida does build upon some of Jane Jacob`s ideas of how a group of cities cluster together to create wealth.  That a cluster of cities, as in Renaissance Italy, can come together and be a creative force in the economy, in the arts, and the sciences.  Some very interesting ideas if you are interested in this kind of stuff.

He`s also promoting his new book, Who`s Your City.  I managed to get a half price copy at the Congress…hehe.  Still reading through it.

When I get a chance, I`ll summarize part of the book and also talk about the discussion panel that I was able to attend.  Still sifting through my notes.


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