Al-Jazeera’s “48”

I never thought I’d be watching a show from Al-Jazeera, especially since we don’t get Al-Jazeera in Canada. It doesn’t help that I don’t have cable or satellite. To boot, my bunny ears don’t work well in my place.

So enter YouTube. You gotta love it. I was looking for videos on Hong Kong and I stumbled across this great show called “48.” The is Amanda Palmer and she travels to different cities around the world and shows 48 hours of life in the city with the help of some local guides. It’s a wonderful show and very well done. Kudos to Al-Jazeera for producing the show and actually posting it themselves on YouTube. Long live Web 2.0 (except for all the stupid commentators on YouTube).

Here’s the first 2 episodes of “48” that I watched on Hong Kong, but there’s a whole slough of them on YouTube. I particularly like the shows about cities in Muslim countries. A very different look at some very different cities. A great introduction to cultures that we don’t always take the time to understand.

48 in Hong Kong – Part 1:

48 in Hong Kong – Part 2:


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