YouTube glimpses of Tokyo

Another look at some great YouTube videos. This time, they are about Tokyo. I’ve only visited the city once, but I must say that it is an exciting hub of activity. The city never sleeps. I was jet lagged in Tokyo and my wife and I went out to find some food at 4am. Plenty of people were on the street. We were in Shinjuku, so there were lots of youngsters were around just leaving their overnight playing.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated by Japan and Japanese culture. I was introduced formally to Japan in Grade 6 in Social Studies. I was introduced less formally to Japanese culture by one of my best friends who had tonnes of Anime and Manga to watch and read.

The first video is my favourite of the three below. It shows a glimpse into how busy life in Tokyo is and how there is so much life in every little nook and cranny. This video focuses on the people of Tokyo and gives a glimpse into the different sub-cultures and urban tribes that populate one the densest cities in the world. The second is a time-lapse black and white film of Tokyo. It feels less personal, but is equally stunning. I originally saw this video posted on Price Tags. The last one is a visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. It is supposed to be largest fish market in the world. In this market, it’s the early bird that gets the fresh fish.

All the videos are done by MylesinLondon. I really can’t wait until Myles visits Tokyo once more. He’s done a great job on the post-production. Props to Myles. How about a London video too?

I Love New Tokyo:

Stop-Go Tokyo:

Tokyo Sunrise:

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