Bike Month

Well, I must say that June started off miserably. This must have been one of the wettest and cloudiest springs on record. I was lucky to squeeze in two round-trips by bicycle during Bike-to-Work Week.

Bike Month’s first week was really a wash. Almost literally a wash. I had forgone the monthly bus pass this week in favour of FareSavers. I was hoping I would ride enough to work to be able to save around $10 or so on transit. In the first week, it definitely looked like I should have bought a monthly pass.

My first ride into work by bike in June came on a day where I thought the sun would start shining. However, Lo-and-behold, drizzle. Yuck. I wasn’t drenched, but the water from the puddles were sure kicking up into my face. Note to self: buy a set of those cheapy, plastic wheel covers to keep the water from splashing up.

The other days have been better since then. The 16th was a nice sunny day all around and I actually did a round-trip on the same day. I’ve mostly been splitting up my round-trips just because I’m not in great shape and the commute is 12km one-way and 24km round-trip. Not to mention that the trip home is mostly uphill. However, the 16th was a good day to do both trips in one day. I actually felt like I had some energy. However, for the rest of the week, my knee and legs were acting up, so I thought it best to lay off.

It was almost another week before I took my bike to work again.  The ride is invigorating and tiring at the same time.  I was so hungry when I got to work that I had to go out and buy a scone and coffee.  I did the return trip again in the same day.  I was really hungry when I got home.  I couldn’t eat right away, though.  I had to walk the dog and wait for my wife before I could eat.  Boy, was I starving that day.  Again, I didn’t bike for the rest of the week because I want at least a day in between rides.  Also, life happens and I can’t be all sweaty for certain events.  So transit ended up being the main mode of choice for June.

I’ve been logging my mileage on the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition’s website under Bike To Work. So far this year, I’ve ridden 6 round-trips to and from work. My mileage is at 113 km and I’ve offset 26.7Kgs of CO2. Now I’m usually a transit rider that takes mostly the SkyTrain and trolley to work, so I don’t really think my offset is that high. In any case, the log is actually quite motivating and fun to track. It gives me an idea of how I’ve been doing. I think I’m going to use it for the whole summer and see how much mileage I log.


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