Brits think of moving to Canada?

Turning over a new maple leaf, The Independent UK

Turning over a new maple leaf, The Independent UK

What a hilario graphic.  Don’t you love the mountie in front of Niagara Falls look?  I actually think more of a Toronto skyline or the Parliament building when I envision Canada, but that’s the city slicker in me.

It’s always interesting to see how the rest of the world views Canada.  The Independent UK has a couple of articles on Canada.  The first article is about how Canada will likely be the best of all nations in handling the impacts of climate change.  The other article is how the Alberta government is trying to bring people over from the UK to fill in all the vacant jobs in their province.

Yes, all the terrible stereotypes that we’ve come to expect surface in these articles.  Mind you, there is always a little truth to those stereotypes if we really think about it.  My one beef may be how the writer focuses on how boring Canada is.  Admittedly, Canada is much more boring than a lot of other places.  But the writer does not really examine Toronto or Vancouver.  He briefly mentions Montreal.  His focus is on Calgary.  After all, it is the Government of Alberta that is trying to attract skilled workers to the province.  In any case, it makes for an interesting read.  Thanks to re:place magazine for having this article in it’s news reader section.


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