PingMag – the Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things”


Here’s one of those sites I love to visit from time to time.  Although PingMag is mainly focused on arts, crafts, design, and architecture, it does manage to give one a glimpse of life in one of the craziest cities in the world, Tokyo.  Sometimes they feature certain items in Japanese culture and then show you how that item is being transformed or used in Modern Japan.

One of the articles I’ll point your mouse towards is their Urban Research series.  They examine some of the different areas of Tokyo.  Tokyo is really made of up of several towns connected by a massive train infrastructure.  For example, Shinjuku is the major hub of transportation in Tokyo.  They say that there are 2 million passengers that go through that Shinjuku Station each day.  After being there and seeing how they have 14-16 platforms in just that one station, I believe them.

Station Wayfinding Signs

PingMag featured the microtowns of Shibuya and Maranouchi.  If you love looking at photos of the urban landscape, a visit to this article may be well worth it.  However, it does give a deeper analysis of the make up of the urban fabric in the each “township.”


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