Chinese Lesson Podcasts

With the advent of podcasts, you can download a radio program on just about everything.  My church even has its sermons available online for download, just in case you missed the Sunday service.

Well, language learning can also be done remotely.  Introducing ChinesePod.  I have a free subscription to this site each time they issue a new lesson. And I tell you, they update everyday.  Sometimes there is more than one lesson each day.

Sadly, I haven’t committed much time to really listening and practicing my Mandarin.  I had a somewhat feeble attempt of speaking Mandarin today.  I tend to stick to what I know and I often get “second language interference.”  When I want to say, “but” in Mandarin, I end up saying it in French instead.  Go figure.

In any case, what I like about ChinesePod is that it also introduces different aspects of Chinese culture in small bite-size lessons.  The banter is obviously staged, but it still makes for an interesting way to learn about another culture and language.

If you want to sign up for advanced features, there is a fee.  And because I haven’t really committed time to any of the lessons, I am not paying.  It would be a waste of money for me.  For the serious learner, you’d get a steady diet of new lessons everyday.  If you love a challenge, you can even do the Advanced classes that are entirely in Mandarin!!!  I’d die.


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