Station Attendants

The Province has an article about SkyTrain safety again.  I personally feel okay in the SkyTrain stations and on the trains for the most part.  It’s outside of the stations where all the crime tends to happen.

I must say I agree with Adrian Dix on his ongoing dialogue with TransLink about having people at the SkyTrain stations all the time.  It makes a huge difference to have somebody standing there who is in a uniform.  It’s just a visual deterrant for petty crime.  And when somebody is in trouble outside of the station, they could technically run back to the station and find help.  Right now, it’s a roll of the dice whether any attendant is in the station at any time.

Vancouver is becoming such a big city now, that even though it’s cost-effective to have these barrier-free stations, it’s definitely not psychologically appeasing in its current state.


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