Electric Cars in the Media

There’s been quite a bit of coverage on electric cars and other alternative fuel vehicles in the media this past week.

One article in Montreal Gazette outlines how low-speed electric vehicles will now be permitted on some roads in the province of Quebec.  They basically follow similar rules for scooters/mopeds on the road.

Two articles in Monday’s Province on Alternative Vehicles.  The first article talks about Oak Bay being possibly the first city to allow such electric vehicles on their roads with a new draft by-law.  The article also mentions a interesting new by-law in the City of Vancouver.

And last month, the City of Vancouver approved a new bylaw that requires new homes to include plug-ins for electric cars.

That is quite cool.  I wonder how much it would cost to install something like that.  Also, I wonder if the bylaw would apply to new apartment buildings.

Victoria recently relaxed provincial legislation surrounding their use in the hope they will be adopted in small cities such as Oak Bay, resort communities like Harrison Hot Springs, university campuses and even downtown Vancouver, said Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon.

For once, I agree with a statement that Kevin Falcon made.  These vehicles are absolutely ideal for the above-mentioned places.  However, if scooters are allowed on city roads, I see no reason why these low-speed electric cars couldn’t be on all roads with a 50 km/h speed limit.

The second article is about new vehicle alternatives in Vancouver.

Jay Giraud is the founder of seven-month-old Envia Solarmotion Inc., which specializes in converting Ford vehicles to run on batteries. “Corporations are desperate to reduce fuel costs,” said Giraud.

Murray, meanwhile, is now the marketing director of E-SUV Inc., the Canadian dealer for E-Ride Industries, a Minnesota company that manufactures low-speed electric utility.

There’s even this part about a Vancouverite that flew down to California to get his new green vehicle.  It’s a little contradictory to fly to get this green vehicle.  I wonder how long many kilometres he has to drive his new eBox to neutralize his flight to California.

Gordon Day embodies that dream client. Last fall, the Vancouver software developer found himself doing what seemed unthinkable to him just three years ago.

Day flew from Vancouver to Los Angeles and dropped $70,000 for an AC Propulsion Ebox, a battery-powered SUV conversion offered by a small California outfit. “I wouldn’t normally hop on a plane to buy a car,” said Day. “It was a very expensive proposition . . . but it was a global warming issue.”

Not only did he fly to California to make the purchase, he practically had to beg AC Propulsion to sell him the vehicle. The company was concerned about not being able to service the car with Day living in Vancouver.

Some interesting new alternatives on the horizon. Now we need the government to come on side and make it easier for these vehicles to be purchased and used on our roads.


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