Hydrogen on Demand Sports Car

This comes from CoolHunter.net.  Check out this car.  It’s the Ronn Motors Scorpion. I’m not a big car fan myself, but I must admit the exotic styling of this car is a winner for almost any car enthusiast.  It’s $150,000 (US, I’m assuming).  It has an onboard Hydrogen on Demand system that will take water in the tank and convert it to hydrogen when needed.  No idea how that works.  Sounds cool.  But still not sure how stable all this hydrogen technology is.  Gov. Schwarzneggar and Premier Campbell have talked about a hydrogen highway from the US-Mexico border up to Alaska.  I still think it’s a pipe dream for an unproven, overpriced technology that will likely not be available for the public for decades.

However, I’d hate to discount the innovation put out by the Scorpion.  If you’d rather spend 150k on a car instead of your mortgage, be my guest and contact the folks at Ronn Motors.


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