Leaving Lotusland … and then returning

This is part 4 of Leaving Lotusland.  Richard Florida puts out the question of why do we live in the places that we live.  Where do the “Creative Class” move and why?  After 3 posts of reasons for leaving Vancouver, there are also plenty of reasons to move to, or, for some, to return to Vancouver.

Many folks leave Vancouver for different reasons – work, love, play, and family.  However, those can be the same reasons people come to Vancouver.

Having left Vancouver myself at two points in my life, I am always happy to come home to Rain City.  It’s definitely not because of the rain. Probably more because of work, friends, family, weather, and love.

Work in Vancouver is notoriously laid-back.  It’s not as extreme as the stereotype portrays it, but there is an element of truth to it all.  Working in Vancouver is down a notch for the heady business-centre life of Toronto, and probably of present-day Calgary.  Work in Vancouver is blessed with half-decent wages and half-decent benefits.  It’s only half-decent because of the lofty housing costs in the Lower Mainland.  However, what I love at lunch time is to walk around the neighbourhood in which my work is situated.  If you’re lucky to be a vibrant part of town, there’s a lot to eat and do in our 1 hour midday break.

Having grown up in Vancouver, most of my roots are here.  Friends and family are mostly still here.  Making friends after high school just isn’t quite the same as your high school friends.  (Of course, that depends how much you liked high school).  Friends were a big draw to bring me home.  So was family.  Out-of-town, I was missing lots of big events in my friends and family’s lives.

The weather is significantly better in Vancouver.  I’ll take the rainy winter over the bitter, cold Canadian weather elsewhere in the country.  After 2 months of endless gloom under a blanket of grey and white in Central Canada, I was ready to come back to rainy Vancouver.  At least my nose hairs don’t instantly freeze here.  Plus, the summers are hard to beat in Vancouver.  It’s warm to hot and it’s not that humid.

Then there’s always love.  Love will take you to the ends of the earth if you let it.  I’ve seen love take people out of Vancouver.  But I’ve also experienced love drawing me back to Lotus Land.


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