Crippling Cambie Street Construction?

The Vancouver Sun

I don’t know about you, but I have hardly found Canada Line to be all that crippling.  Yes, I do get stuck trying to go from the east side of Cambie to the west side of Cambie when I’m driving, but I haven’t had many problems on public transit.  However, keeping a pulse on where the major plugs are going to be on the Canada Line website have helped.  Like avoid an intersection where the bridges are being removed.  I had to drive up to 33rd Avenue when I forgot that 41st was being reduced in lanes for bridge removal one weekend.

Obviously, there’s been enough of a crippling impact on businesses in the Cambie Village for them to sue InTransit BC for losses due to construction.  Even the beloved Tomato restaurant has moved to Kitsilano to recover from its losses.  I guess people have avoided Cambie when they don’t really have to.  I have driven up and down Cambie during construction and it’s not been too bad as long as you don’t have to turn left or right off the street.

Although, now that most of construction is done, especially around the main part of the Cambie Village between King Edward and 16th Avenue, I have been going once a week for lunch in the Cambie Village.  The streetscape has not been completed by the City of Vancouver, but it is certainly coming together nicely.  For those businesses that have weathered the storm, I think they are going to do quite well.  Too bad it is kind of a walk from the new stations at either end of the Cambie Village.


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