New east-west UBC bus route

It looks like the #33 UBC/29th Avenue Station bus will be a go this September.  As I was on one my rare drives into work, I took 16th Avenue and passed by a new bus stop sign on the westbound far side of Cambie and 16th.  There was the sign in the white, blue, and yellow colours of TransLink.

The new route, if it holds to what was proposed previously, will start in East Vancouver at 29th Avenue SkyTrain Station, run down south down Slocan St which eventually curves westbound onto E. 33rd Ave.  It will run along 33rd Ave to Ontario St. where it starts to bend around Queen Elizabeth Park and meets up with Cambie St at W. 29th Ave.  It will turn right onto Cambie and proceed northbound through the Cambie Village.  The bus then turns left onto W. 16th Ave and goes westbound all the way to the University Endowment Lands.  Then the route will reach Wesbrook Mall where it will turn right and go northbound to the UBC bus loop.

There was some coverage a month or two ago about residents along W. 16th Ave complaining about how the buses would disturb the neighbourhood, especially at night.  However, if Coast Mountain Bus Company employs their new Nova buses, then it won’t be as noisy as the older New Flyer buses that are notoriously noisy when accelerating (Ever listen to the older 99 B-Line buses along Broadway?).

More east-west buses are needed in Vancouver.  The new #33 should help take pressure off of the #41 UBC/Joyce Station, #25 UBC/Brentwood Mall, the #99 UBC/Broadway Station, and the #9 Alma/Broadway.  W. 16th Ave always seemed to be in a dead spot for bus access.  It was a sort of no man’s land.  Either walk 7 blocks to Broadway or 9 blocks to King Edward.  The situation was worse for E. 33rd Ave.  Before, you had to go 12 blocks to 41st Ave for a bus or go up to 8 blocks towards Kingsway or King Edward to catch an east-west bus.

So I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to take this bus nor how frequent service will initially be, but I think it will be one of the biggest additions to the City of Vancouver routes in a long time.



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