200+ page secret handbook by Tories to create chaos in Parliament

The Globe and Mail

I don’t usually wade into the waters of Canadian national politics, but this headline caught my eye in my Google news reader.  It read: Cry us a river, Tories, but who wrote the book on chaos?

It’s no wonder that we don’t trust our politicians.  Whenever we watch them on TV during Question Period, it’s like a giant circus.  They act worse than elementary school kids and start yelling at each other.  We punish our kids for unruly behaviour, but it’s almost encouraged in Parliament.

Now the Conservative Party of Canada has a handbook on disrupting parliamentary procedures and committees if things don’t go their way.  This is insane.  Can’t adults just sit down and have a conversation for the good of the nation anymore.  Or perhaps decent conversation just never happened in Parliament at any time in history.

I think the way politicians run this country have to change.  Conservatives said there would be a return to the grassroots and change from the cronyism of the Liberals.  Well, I can’t say I’ve seen much of a difference in the way the Tories have carried out their agenda.

It’s no wonder we have an extremely low voter turnout in this country.  We’re damned if we vote and we’re damned if we don’t vote.  I would personally take my chances and vote.  At least I have the freedom to vote in Canada.  I better make the most of it.


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  1. If it is any help, we will shortly be able to send you a former chancellor and prime minister, he is from the UK labour party. If you think he could do better than your local conservative party, you are welcome to him, I feel certain their will be no transfer fees involved.

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