Last Exit for Gateway

Last Exit for Gateway

I know some readers would agree with my opinion to stop the Pacific Gateway project and there are some readers who would benefit greatly from a higher-capacity Port Mann.

So it’s up to you, but here’s a petition if you feel so inclined to sign it.  It’s a petition set up by Celia Bauer, according to Stephen Rees.

I have previously expressed that I am not in support of the South Fraser Perimeter Road because of impacts on Burns Bog and the Fraser River.  I also do not support the twinning of the Port Mann because it will further encourage car use South of the Fraser and put more development pressure on precious agricultural land in that area.

I do support the replacement of the Pitt River Bridge because that bridge is just a simple mess and outdated.  Plus, the interchange there is confusing.  Although, I think increased flow over the bridge will be negated by traffic back-ups at Shaughnessy and Lougheed (awful intersection for traffic).


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