Worldwide Effect of High Oil Prices

Voice of America News

I can’t say that the Voice of America would be my regular source of news.  If I remember correctly, VOA is sort of a media mouthpiece for the US government.  So read carefully and skeptically on certain topics.  I remember being in China and students would say they had spent some time listening to VOA to improve their English.

In any case, VOA has a 5 part series on the effect of high oil prices worldwide.  Some of the stories overlap from article to article, which I find to be poor reporting.  However, the article gives you an idea of how skyrocketing food and oil prices have effected developing nations.  You think your transportation costs have gone up?  It looks much worse in some of these poorer countries.  It sounds like people are resorting to walking hours to and from work because the bus costs too much.

Here in North America, we can still mostly afford to drive our cars and bemoan having to take public transit to save some money.  We are definitely more fortunate than we know.


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