Chalk one up for the people

Well, thank goodness some reason started to show and that people’s voices were heard.  The Green Party will now be at the National Debate.

The reasons for excluding the Green Party were more than ridiculous.  A party that can garner close to 10 percent of popular support nationally and actually now have an MP in Parliament; why exclude them anymore.

If we think back to a BC election about a decade ago, the then-BC Liberals lead by Gordon Wilson made a surprising surge in popularity after he was allowed in on a televised debate.  In BC, we’ve even given TV time to parties that don’t even have a member in the legislature.  So there should be no reason for excluding the Greens.

I know I’ve always been a little unclear on all of the Greens platform because the focus is mainly on the Conservatives and Liberals.  Hopefully, some meat will come out of this debate.

Normally, I skip the election debates because I hate watching grown men and women bicker at each other about each others’ policies.  However, with Elizabeth May being given a voice at the debate, it may be more interesting.   At least we will see what she has to show.

One thought on “Chalk one up for the people

  1. I’m happy to see the Greens included too – I’m still unclear as to what they stand for beyond the environment and how they’re different then the NDP, so the debate should be interesting. The problem is there are no set criteria as to when a party should be included in the debates, so it’s really subjective.

    The Greens have yet to hit even 5% of the popular vote in Canada, never mind 10%. They’ve polled around 10%, but polling numbers are flaky. And their MP wasn’t elected, he just switched parties. If he would have switched to the Marijuana Party, I don’t think they should have been included in the debates.

    The broadcaster’s consortium needs to come up with hard rules as to who gets in. If it’s any party that qualifies for federal funding, then that’s fine. However, be prepared for debates with more than 5 leaders in the future.

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