U-Turn Rant

Maybe it’s just Sunday or something, but there was a lot of bad drivers this past weekend.  More and more, my pet driving peeves are manifesting themselves on Vancouver roads more and more.  One of things that really get to me is that an increasing number of people are doing U-Turns.  I remember somebody telling me that U-Turns are illegal in the City of Vancouver.  I just happened to find the Street and Traffic By-Law No. 2849 here.


(1) No driver of any vehicle shall turn such vehicle so as to proceed in the opposite direction:

(a) On any through street.

(b) Within an intersection at any corner of which a “Stop” sign has been placed, or where a traffic-control signal has been installed.

(c) At any other intersection unless such movement can be made in safety, without backing, and without interfering with other traffic.

(d) On any street between intersecting streets.

(e) At any lane intersection.

I almost ran into one of these guys who pulled out of his parking spot to do a U-Turn on a busy street.  The reason these manoeuvres are illegal in Vancouver are because they are dangerous and unexpected.  One of important things about driving is that you do the expected and every one knows how to react.  When a driver does the unexpected, that’s when we get metal crushing metal.

I see more of these turns happening in busy intersections too.  One place where I saw a really bad U-Turn was at Kingsway and Joyce.  The driver wanted to get to the 7-Eleven on the southeast corner, but his car was in the westbound left turning lane.  Well, Kingsway is 3 lanes both ways and all the traffic from 41st Avenue is flowing onto Joyce.  Not a very good spot to pull the turn.  I’m just expecting to see trouble when I see somebody pull a silly U-Turn like that.  If he pulled it on a quiet residential street, I would cut him some slack, but a busy intersection is a disaster waiting to happen.

Enforcement of U-Turns is spotty at best.  I just hope I don’t find myself in a head-on collision with one of these doofuses.

Gives me more fuel for my thought that driving training and license renewal should be tougher and stricter in Canada.  Driving isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.  A privilege that should be earned.



  1. if vancouver civilly planned better.. it wouldnt have so many problems with traffic. too bad money is spent on all the other useless crap and incompetent people

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