Granville Magazine

I bet you haven’t seen this magazine on any newstand anywhere.  At least, I don’t think so.  It’s called Granville – sustainable city living.

A couple of years ago, I went to the EP!C sustainable living and consumer show down at Canada Place.  There were all these companies trying to show consumers just how green they are.  Keep in mind that the show is aimed at “consumers.”  The word itself carries a lot of meaning about some of the contradictions of “green consumerism.”

Anyway, there was a booth for Granville.  It looked interesting enough.  Plus, it was a free subscription for anyone who lives in Canada.  Game.

I’ve received a year’s worth of this quarterly magazine.  It’s a very interesting read.  It’s not the sort of environmental magazine you’d expect.  It’s trying to be hip, trendy, and sustainable at the same time with a big dose of consumerism.  The consumerism part may bother some, but it’s fine for me.  I don’t mind looking where to shop for a green alternative.

If you are interested, they still offer a free subscription for anyone in Canada.  And it’s nice to have a Canadian magazine dealing with local issues and talking about local companies making a difference where they can.


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