Oakridge Block Party

All photos courtesy of Katherine

Now here’s a little street party that you probably never heard about.  It was put on by the Oakridge Adventist Church on Baillie St. and W. 37th Ave.  Yep.  That’s right.  A church holding a block party for the community.  Great idea!

The party was from 1 to 4pm and was full of food, entertainment, booths, and games for the kids.  It was just a one-block closure and the neighbours came out in attendance.  It wasn’t huge, but it was fun.

The food ranged from veggie burgers to Korean food.  As far as I could tell, the food was free.  Unfortunately, I ate lunch before arriving, so I was full already.

Steel Drum Band

Chinese Lion Dance

Chinese Lion Dance

Entertainment included a steel drum band, a jazz band, a Chinese lion dance, and the Oakridge Adventist Church’s own band.  When I was looking for the party, I was listening for where the music was coming from.

VACC Booth

VACC Booth

There were community booths representing different groups.  TransLink had a booth with 3 people there.  The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition was there.  I got some information on local food and the farmer’s markets from the Farmers Market booth.  There was the Marpole Oakridge Community Centre Association and they were asking what the community wanted to see as important services there.  Not bad for a small block party, eh?

Lyle Green playing tug of war with the kids

Lyle Green playing tug of war with the kids

The kids weren’t left out of the fun.  There were activities on the church lawn, which included a tug of war.  The church even managed to invited Lyle Green, BC Lions player, out to play with the kids.

Armed Forces Ambulance

Armed Forces Ambulance

RCMP Display

RCMP Display

All around good stuff and car free, except for some service vehicles on display, including the ever popular fire truck.  I’m already looking forward to next year’s edition.  Hopefully, it will be another sunny September Sunday.  Those can be hard to come by.  Oh, and watch out for the bees, although this one doesn’t sting.


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