Since we’re on the topic of magazines, here’s one of my favourite magazines.  Unfortunately, it isn’t readily available in Vancouver, but I’m sure some of the smaller mag shops probably carry it.

Spacing is about the urban space and fabric of Toronto.  Toronto for all it’s “evilness” of being the centre of the universe and stuff is actually a very neat city.  I just couldn’t stand the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer.  Not to mention the grime of the pollution.

In any case, Spacing covers issues from transportation, environment, to just plain space.  How does the way an urban space is shaped shape us as the residents of that space?

One copy that I have has a long interview with Mayor David Miller and David Suzuki – the meeting of the Davids – to discuss the environment in the context of Toronto.  Another article is about a group of flâneurs, or “strollers,” who organized walks across the city.  The articles are not short, but meaty – nice in detail and depth.

The other thing I love are the TTC subway buttons they sell.  Yes, it’s the transit geek in me rearing its ugly head.  But I just love the idea of transit paraphenalia.  I know I have a few from Hong Kong.  I just haven’t gotten around to loading up on Toronto stuff.

The last time I went to Toronto, I picked up a copy down on Queen Street West kitty-corner to the MuchMusic building.  I was hoping to fly into Hogtown this fall, but it looks like plans have changed.  I’ll double-check their store listings to see if there’s something local.


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