Strategic Voting for Canadian Election

The Province

It looks like there’s a couple of strategic voting sites out there right now. The Province featured one called  I played with the site a little.  Especially for local Vancouver ridings.  For example, for Vancouver-Quadra, they are recommending you vote for Liberal’s Joyce Murray as the best option to defeat Harper.  For both Vancouver-East and Vancouver-Kingsway, the site recommends “You Choose” because those are safe seats for non-Conservative candidates.

Another site called also offers a similar idea.  You punch in your postal code and up pops the icon of the recommended party that has the best chance of defeating the Conservatives.  The site is also full of anti-Harper videos.

Whether strategic voting works is still up in the air, but if you feel you really want to vote for one party even though there’s no chance of it winning, there is another option.  There’s something called vote pairing or vote swapping going on.  It’s a Facebook application, so you need to have Facebook for it to work.  As the page reads:

 Vote pairing (also known as vote swapping) happens when a voter in one riding agrees to vote tactically for a less-preferred candidate or party who has a greater chance of winning in their riding, in exchange for a voter from another district voting tactically for the candidate the first voter prefers, because that candidate has a greater possibility of winning in that riding.

If you are:

– Convinced the person or party representative you want to vote for won’t get elected

– Tired of your vote not being represented in parliament

-Want to do something about it

Then consider pairing your vote with someone in another riding where you *could* make a difference. Pair voting has been going in the U.S. since the 2000 election.

It’s easy to do and it’s legal. Yes, it’s also ridiculous that voters have to jump through hoops to sometimes make their vote count

So if you have any interest in the federal election and strategic voting, check out the sites and make up your choice if it’s right for you.


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