Canada Line Trains

Canada Line Photography Blog: OMC 2008-09-28

After a recent visit Mr. Palecloud’s Canada Line Photography Blog, I marvelled at how many of the Canada Line trains have actually arrived in Vancouver.  These new trains are manufactured by Rotem of South Korea.  I believe they are subsidiary of Hyundai, one of Korea’s large conglomerate companies that make the autos we know by that name.  Rotem also has MTR Hong Kong as one of their clients and supplies some of the newer trains for their system.

Take a look at Tafryn’s most recent photos from the Operations and Maintenance Centre (OMC) for the new Canada Line.  You’ll see a lot of the new trains parked along the tracks.  There are at least 3 on the ground near the building.  There are at least 6 on the elevated tracks.  There are also seem to be 3 more parked in a line on the ground and they also have the full Canada Line livery painted on them.  It’s not the closest look at the trains so far, but it is definitely showing how we are starting to get quite a few trains into the rolling stock.

[If you want to see the trains up close, Tafyrn has photos from the Train Unveiling Ceremony.]

I’m looking forward to next year when the line opens.  I’m hoping the line opens ahead of schedule in the Summer of 2009.  Otherwise, we will have to wait until the official opening date of November 2009.


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