Transit Manners Tokyo-style

In ultra-polite Japan, there are people who do, believe or not, break the rules.  So there is a cute campaign by Tokyo Metro to show people how not to behave.  The folks who contribute to TransitFan at re:place magazine have a new article on some of these new subway ads that tell people what the boundaries. I think one of the more interesting ones is … Continue reading Transit Manners Tokyo-style

Ferry to Ferry Comparison

Just some impressions about the Ferry in Halifax compared to the SeaBus here in Vancouver.  There are two ferry routes in Halifax harbour.  One is Dartmouth-Halifax and the other is Woodside-Halifax.  The Dartmouth route is the shorter of the two and is almost a straight shot across the harbour.  It costs $2 each way.  Unfortunately, there was no ticket transfers as far as I could … Continue reading Ferry to Ferry Comparison

Of Trains to and from Vancouver

Vancouver Courier, October 22, 2008 Great article about the train situation in Vancouver.  It details some people’s experiences on the Amtrak trains up from LA.  It also discusses the problems that Amtrak is encountering with the Canadian Border Service Agency over customs and the outrageous fee of $15,000/day for handling the trains. The BC government has built the capacity for extra traffic to move around … Continue reading Of Trains to and from Vancouver

More About Garbage

In Vancouver, we’ve got some new garbage cans rolling out around the city.  I’ve seen them in two different places – the Cambie Village and Southeast False Creek.  These huge black garbage cans are known as BigBellys. As one of my friends told me, an regular garbage can often has to be emptied twice a day.  Imagine all those cans along Robson Street.  Maybe those … Continue reading More About Garbage

The Waste Management Trinity

Continuing today about my experiences and thoughts about Halifax.  Not everyone may notice this or even think it interesting, but Halifax has organic composting as a part of their municipal waste management.  On the street, you will find that their garbage cans come in threes – a sort of waste management trinity. There’s a can for everything here.  There’s recyclables like paper, bottles, and cans.  … Continue reading The Waste Management Trinity

COPE promotes Transit for Everyone

Vancouver Sun, October 21, 2008 COPE is running it’s smallest slate in history for the upcoming municipal elections.  They have only 2 candidates for city council and 8 more between the parks and school boards. However, one idea caught my eye: COPE’s platform also includes a free bus loop along the Broadway corridor and from Broadway to downtown. The model follows the lead of cities … Continue reading COPE promotes Transit for Everyone

Nocturne: Public Art in Halifax

Nocturne: Art at Night I lucked out while in Halifax this weekend.  There was a large, first-time, public art event called Nocturne.  There were sites all over downtown Halifax that people walked to take in arts of all sort. The Nova Scotia Crystal Gallery along the wharf had such a huge turnout that they ran out of glass to work on before the end of … Continue reading Nocturne: Public Art in Halifax