PingMag: Tokyo Topographies

PingMag: Tokyo Topographies

You could almost say I have a map fetish.  It quickly became apparent to my friends in Toronto that this was the case.  I had a couple of maps of Toronto on my wall along with my Vancouver map.  Then I had the bus and subway maps from NYC near my computer.  So this piece from PingMag was simply irresistible.

Hajime Ishikawa`s map as shown on PingMag

Hajime Ishikawa's map as shown on PingMag

I think Tokyo must be one of the most interesting cities to try and map out.  The city is just so everywhere.  The 21st Century Tokyo is overlaid on top of hundreds of years of Old Tokyo and Edo.  Tokyo is a brilliant mic-mash of clean, sleek future with down-to-earth ancient Japan.  Although, the future definitely seems to be winning in many parts of Tokyo.

If you have a thing for maps, then read on about Hajime Ishikawa’s hobby.  Yes, it’s not even his full-time job.


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