It’s about time for electric cars

Vancouver Sun, October 4, 2008

Now we have two municipalities in BC within which electric cars can be driven – Oak Bay and Vancouver.  I think it’s important for a city the size of Vancouver to take this lead.  Unfortunately, if you’re outside the city of Vancouver boundaries, you are not going to benefit from this.

My friend and I were musing what would happen along Boundary Road.  Where does Burnaby begin and end in terms of the road by-laws.  So if you’re on the east side of Boundary, does this mean you are illegally driving your electric car.  So maybe we need a sign that says southbound only for electric vehicles???

Aside from by being facetious, our musing does sort of point out that regulations for these electric cars should not have been limited by Transport Canada.  If scooters or mopeds can ride around from municipality to municipality, then why can’t electric vehicles.  It sounds like a electric vehicles and 50cc scooters have the same speed limitations.  Why couldn’t the same regulations apply to electric cars as they do scooters?

It will be interesting to see if more electric cars pop up on Vancouver streets.  I’ve seen the odd one around town, but let’s see if this will reach Smart car status.


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