Unexpected Endorsement by Globe & Mail

Globe & Mail, October 10, 2008

I didn’t expect to be writing this many political posts, but I guess it’s the season for it since I’m reading a lot about the election.

I’m very surprised that a major media outlet is publishing an endorsement for one of the prime minister candidates.  Maybe because I’m not a big fan of Harper, that this takes me aback a little more.  However, is it a practice of the media to endorse somebody.  I was really surprised.

However, the Globe endorsement does sort of explain why CTV decided to air Mr. Dion’s interview flub in Halifax.  The Globe and Mail and CTV are all part of the Bell Globemedia family.  Most pre-recorded television interviews cut out mistakes by their own staff.  I don’t think it’s “journalistic responsibility” as much as it is “editorial opinion” in airing Dion’s mistakes.  It also brings to question whether convergence of different media under one umbrella will serve the public well and serve us poorly.

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