Expanded Sidewalks in Halifax

Back from a trip to the East Coast and still recovering from jet lag here.

I was in Halifax for a few days.  It was my first time there.  Downtown Halifax gave me the feel of a smaller Old Montreal with most things in English and a Maritime flair.  One of the things I noticed on my first night there as I ventured to a bar were all the expanded sidewalks along Argyle Street (Picture below is not of Argyle Street, though).  Parking spots had been removed and the sidewalk was expanded past the original curb.  It looked like the structures were temporary, but I don’t think anyone has plans to remove them.  In fact, they even add nice flower boxes right out into the road.

Expanded sidewalk in Halifax

Expanded sidewalk in Halifax

I must say I really loved this concept.  I think it could go far in other cities around North America.  It goes along with the Copenhagen way of reducing road space one parking spot at a time.  Isn’t it much nicer for restaurants to pour out at night onto a beautiful sidewalk rather than into a row of parked cars.

Well done, Halifax!


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