Nocturne: Public Art in Halifax

Nocturne: Art at Night

I lucked out while in Halifax this weekend.  There was a large, first-time, public art event called Nocturne.  There were sites all over downtown Halifax that people walked to take in arts of all sort.

The Nova Scotia Crystal Gallery along the wharf had such a huge turnout that they ran out of glass to work on before the end of the night.  My friends and I managed to take in a small 3D art gallery where everyone was walking around with bright red and blue cellophane lenses.  We walked past one site where if you put your hand or foot over a certain spot, it would cause lights to flash and a loud noise to resonate.  On the Dalhousie campus, we watched as an installation involving many large orange spheres (not pumpkins) were placed strategically on the lawn.  We even saw a man moving in one spot in something like a rodent-wheel at the foot of a downtown office building.

My friend said this was a great event and it seemed to get complete strangers talking to each other about how to interact with an art installation.  There were large groups of people walking about the city throughout the evening.  It created a bit of a buzz in the downtown.  Not a huge buzz, but a palpable one. My friend agreed that Vancouver definitely lacked an event like this.  Although, we did recently have the Drift on Main arts event a couple weeks ago.  However, I think Nocturne was a bit more interactive.

I’m not sure if the following installation was a part of Nocturne, but it was a little piece of artwork along the street in Halifax.  I’d say it was a lot of fun to walk around Downtown Halifax.  It’s not as busy as Vancouver, which I find both nice in one way and not so nice in another way.  I’m used to the buzz of a larger city.


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