More About Garbage

In Vancouver, we’ve got some new garbage cans rolling out around the city.  I’ve seen them in two different places – the Cambie Village and Southeast False Creek.  These huge black garbage cans are known as BigBellys.

BigBelly solar-powered garbage compactor

BigBelly solar-powered garbage compactor

As one of my friends told me, an regular garbage can often has to be emptied twice a day.  Imagine all those cans along Robson Street.  Maybe those need even more frequent pick ups than other cans around town.

It seems like a common item in these cans nowadays are empty coffee cups.  Coffee cups are mostly air and take up a lot of space.  Trucks would have to go to that regular garbage can, pick up all those empty coffee cups, and do it again later in the day.  That’s pretty inefficient.

With a BigBelly, the can will compress the garbage every so often so that all the unnecessary air and volume of the garbage is compacted into a more manageable size.  According to my friend, these BigBellys could be emptied once a week instead of twice a day.  You save on space in the can, space in the landfill, and the gas, time, and money spent on collection services.

I don’t think people usually get excited about garbage cans, but I must say this one is pretty smart.  I wonder if they will try to replace all the cans in town with these?

New benches and BigBelly in Southeast False Creek

New benches and BigBelly in Southeast False Creek


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