Ferry to Ferry Comparison

Halifax Metro Transit Ferry - Halifax to Dartmouth

Halifax Metro Transit Ferry - Halifax to Dartmouth

Just some impressions about the Ferry in Halifax compared to the SeaBus here in Vancouver.  There are two ferry routes in Halifax harbour.  One is Dartmouth-Halifax and the other is Woodside-Halifax.  The Dartmouth route is the shorter of the two and is almost a straight shot across the harbour.  It costs $2 each way.  Unfortunately, there was no ticket transfers as far as I could tell except for bus riders transfering to the ferry.  The Halifax ferry is significantly smaller than the SeaBus catamaran, but it is definitely a mobile and peppy little boat. It seems to be able to turn on a dime.

I took the ride across Halifax harbour on an overcast and somewhat blustery day.  I rode across to Dartmouth topside where there is some wonderful seating to take in the views.  Halifax doesn’t have a huge skyline, so you’re mainly looking at the waterfront and the East Coast Naval Yard.  Seeing all the navy vessels is impressive since we don’t have anything like that here in Vancouver.  The seats on top were wet, but a worker was kind enough to literally mop all the water off of the seats.  Only a handful of us braved the wind.  I’m pretty sure we were all out-of-towners.  The ride across to Dartmouth was around 15 minutes at most.  I didn’t really time it.  However, the Halifax Harbour is a lot narrower than Burrard Inlet.  In fact, whenever you see a large container ship pass through, you feel that you are extremely close to it compared to when you see one in Vancouver.  You really get a sense how gigantic these ocean caravans are.

On the way back, I decided to sit in the warmth of the inside.  Fifteen minutes in the wind was enough for me.  The boat is definitely not as big as a SeaBus, but it has the same plastic seating that a SeaBus has.  The view was not as nice nor panoramic, but I certainly enjoyed the warmth and rest on the lower deck.  As I saw the passengers around me, I saw a couple of them reading the local copy of the Metro News.  Some things are now ubiquitous across this country now.  That definitely feels like Vancouver.  However, no strewn newspapers all over the seats.

It was a half hour venture across Halifax Harbour and back for a grand total of $4.  I think it was well worth it.  I just wish I had more time to visit the museums and sites in town.


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