Vehicle Levy – Take 2

Vancouver Sun, October 29, 2008

It looks like TransLink is toying with the idea of the vehicle levy.  I personally really like the vehicle levy because road users have to pay for the road one way or the other.  Plus, it was scaled in such a way that larger vehicles were to pay more than smaller vehicles.

Ever since the levy was shelved in the 1990’s, TransLink has always been facing a shortfall in cash.  Many of the plans that TransLink had for road and transit improvements are still on the drawing board and keep getting pushed back further in time.

TransLink handles probably the worst bridges in the region.  The province handed over some of the nastiest crossings to the transportation authority in the 1990s.  The most notorious of them is the Patullo Bridge.  The Knight Street Bridge is also another dilapidated bridge under TransLink’s control.  If TransLink isn’t getting the appropriate money from the province, then they have to look to other avenues to collect money to give better transit service, but to also maintain or replace these aging bridges.  A vehicle levy is not just going to transit, it will go to road maintenance, and hopefully eventually bridge replacement in the case of the Patullo Bridge.


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