‘One in 20 cars to be electric in a decade’

The Vancouver Sun, November 25, 2008 Exciting times and changes are ahead if the title above holds true.  Imagine that the current gas guzzling fleet of millions of cars across Canada could be potentially mostly run by electricity instead of gas.  That would have a huge impact on our emissions.  We just need the willingness to put such revolutionary ideas into action in our infrastructure … Continue reading ‘One in 20 cars to be electric in a decade’

0506HK – Documentary Film

0506HK by Quentin Lee This link was provided courtesy of one of my friends.  He actually encouraged me to see this film when it was screened at a film festival in town last year.  He really enjoyed it.  He has roots in Hong Kong and so the film definitely resonated with him.  My roots are Hong Kong, as well, but much looser. 0506HK tracks Quentin … Continue reading 0506HK – Documentary Film

Vancouver Transit News

Some recent articles related to local transit. One from The Tyee talks about installing barriers on the platform to prevent passengers from falling into the tracks and to prevent potential suicide attempts.  Clearly, one person’s life is not viewed as being worth the millions of dollars it takes to keep people from accidentally falling into the tracks.  The article has some pretty gruesome descriptions of … Continue reading Vancouver Transit News

Japanese animation on food security

This is an excellent and informative animated video done by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) in Japan.  Thanks goes again to Stephen Rees for writing a great post. Food security is a huge issue for Japan.  Being isolated on an archipelago presents special challenges to supplying food and other resources to Japan.  The Land of the Rising Sun has been a net … Continue reading Japanese animation on food security

Spend your way out of a recession?

The Globe and Mail, November 15, 2008 New York Times, November 9, 2008 Not sure if I would buy into the theory if spending your way out of a recession, but certainly Richard Koo, the chief economist for Japan’s Nomura Research Institute, would like you to.  His theory posits that Japan was able to maintain its current economic position in the world by spending during … Continue reading Spend your way out of a recession?

Main street station upgrades

Hot on the heels of announced upgrades to Broadway Station, now comes news of upgrades to Main Street Station. On Tuesday, November 18 at the VanCity building above the station, there’s a public presentation on potential upgrades. From the illustration in the paper it looks as if the station will get a glass facelift. Even the station platform looks to be longer. Details can be … Continue reading Main street station upgrades

Surrey – The New Urban Core

Surrey is destined to be the new metropolitan core of our region.  It has the land area and will be the largest municipality in a couple of decades. The Tyee features current mayor, Dianne Watts, in a recent article.  She has done well for herself since defeating long-time mayor, Doug McCallum, three years ago.  Now she’s up for re-election. It seems that the key to … Continue reading Surrey – The New Urban Core