Trains in Games: Ticket To Ride

Days of Wonder: Ticket To Ride

I’ve been on a binge of gaming lately.  Part of it is due to a new board game we got at home.  Ticket To Ride – Europe.  Actually, the original game is Ticket To Ride (USA).

Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride

The basis of the game is simple.  You have destinations which you have to reach.  Every player has different destinations to connect and you must string together several routes across the continent to reach your destinations.  The game stretches from our very own Vancouver all the way to Miami in sunny Florida.  The game takes place in the period when rail travel in North America was in its golden age.  Obviously, there’s more to the rules, but I’m not going to go into detail here.

We had friends over who had introduced us to the original USA board.  We enjoyed it so much that we went out and got our own copy, but of the European version.  The European board has all the same mechanics, but adds in the need for ferries (to cross the English Channel and Black Sea) and tunnels (to get through the Alps).

Ticket to Ride Europe

Ticket to Ride Europe

Now we’ve spent many nights trying to criss-cross Europe by rail.  One of the nice touches about the European board is that they spell all city names according to the language of that country.  So Copenhagen is København and Moscow is Moskva.  A very nice touch.

So if you’re looking for a different sort of Christmas gift for your board game lover or your train fanatic, this might be a good choice.  We have only had the game for a couple of months or so, but we’ve really gotten a lot of rounds out of it already.

If I ever go on a long train ride, I think this would be the perfect game to take.  Although it would be kind of on the bulky side.  Probably best to purchase the Card Game version if I want easy portability.


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