Broadway Station Upgrades

It looks like re:place magazine is on the ball with this one. I picked up my copy of the mini brochure with the summary of changes, but you should read the re:place article.  It gives good detail and references back to the TransLink study about transit villages around SkyTrain stations that helped decide what upgrades needed to be done.

A quick summary of the upgrades to be done include:

  • New entrance and elevator on the 10th Avenue side
  • Removal of the elevator on the north end of the platform to create more room for passengers crossing the overhead passage to Commercial Drive Station and the B-Line stop.
  • More shops on the ground floor
  • Replacing the metal mesh with glass to provide improved visibility

Things I’d like to see done in and around the station:

  • A new complex on the southeast corner where the CIBC now sits.  There was a plan for a new building there at one time.  However, because the new building would not provide parking to the bank (since there is such high foot traffic), the bank gave a thumbs down.  They require a minimum number of parking spots according to the bank’s policy.  I heard this at a talk at SFU once.
  • Redevelopment of the Safeway site to be more multi-purpose.  More retail shops and offices could go on that site.  However, it’s proximity to the Grandview Cut could cause issues with how big the structure would be.
  • Better integration of the station into future surrounding retail complexes.

There’s my two cents for what it’s worth.

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