London Drugs – Moving Along

London Drugs has been a mainstay in the Vancouver area for a long time.  They just recently closed the doors on the location of the first London Drugs on West Broadway near Heather.  One of my friends who used to work for them says that particular store outsold all of the other stores in the province by almost double.  Well, they have now moved down a couple blocks closer to the corner of Cambie and Broadway.

London Drugs really is an icon in Western Canada for me.  When I moved out east to Toronto, I really missed London Drugs.  Shoppers Drug Mart is nice and has its own qualities, but nothing beats browsing around a London Drugs for everything from toiletries to computers and from food to photos.  They are a truly successful business in BC.  The H.Y. Louie company was featured recently in the Vancouver Sun.

They are probably the first store to open in the new Cross Roads building, aptly named for an ever increasingly busy intersection.  Royal Bank looks like their new branch is also about ready to open up, as well.  The furniture looks like it’s in and the ads are already hanging in the windows.  Later on, Lululemon, koolhaus, and Whole Foods are expected to join RBC and London Drugs in that complex.  I think outside of downtown, there hasn’t been this large of a gathering of major retailers in one area in the City of Vancouver.

With the construction of the Canada Line and the new Broadway/City Hall station, this intersection is destined to be a major commercial and retail hub, as well as a major transit interchange.  Already, major big box stores like Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Save-On Foods, Winners, Homesense, and Best Buy have all moved into the area just north of Broadway.

Back to London Drugs.  They definitely seem to have a winning formula that definitely works for them.  The H.Y. Louie group even gives over $700,000 annually back into the community.  London Drugs even has an innovative warehouse design in Richmond.  A video by Our Sustainable Region can be found here.

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