Japanese animation on food security

This is an excellent and informative animated video done by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) in Japan.  Thanks goes again to Stephen Rees for writing a great post. Food security is a huge issue for Japan.  Being isolated on an archipelago presents special challenges to supplying food and other resources to Japan.  The Land of the Rising Sun has been a net importer of food and resources for a long time now.  A serious reconsideration of securing their food supply seems to be under way now.  Not sure to whom the video was directed. Perhaps it is directed to the general public of Japan.

Being Japanese, they may be more responsive to taking action when called upon by the government and society, in general.  I can see many Canadians taking the I don`t like to be told what to do attitude when a government agency issues such announcements.  However, I think these didactic kind of announcements are quite commonplace in Japan.

Regardless, every country in the world does have to find answers to the questions of food security that this video brings up.  Although, I must admit that I am not very hopeful about Canada and our current governments taking the necessary steps at this moment.

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