Local Sake

Artisan Sakemaker
Artisan Sakemaker

Some of you have probably stumbled across this great local sake maker on Granville Island.  I had heard about it in the Courier, but I never knew exactly where it was on Granville Island.  We had walked past Emily Carr and then came around through the backside along Railspur Alley to return to the Market area and there it was.

At $5 for a tasting of all 3 flavours of sake, I think it was well worth it.  You wouldn’t get that much sake at a Japanese restaurant.  I personally really liked the really strong Junmai Nama Genshu.  I like the clean, strong taste of that sake.  However, my wife prefered the sweeter and “cloudy” Junmai Nama Nigori.  The third flavour, Junmai Nama, was also very good.  We ended up buying a bottle of the cloudy Nigori.

Now, we’re just waiting for an occasion to open up the bottle.  Now where did that sake drinking set go?

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