0506HK – Documentary Film


0506HK by Quentin Lee

This link was provided courtesy of one of my friends.  He actually encouraged me to see this film when it was screened at a film festival in town last year.  He really enjoyed it.  He has roots in Hong Kong and so the film definitely resonated with him.  My roots are Hong Kong, as well, but much looser.

0506HK tracks Quentin as he does this self-documentary on whether he should move back to Hong Kong or not.  He meets up with many friends, who mainly also happen to be filmmakers and artists, to discuss their impressions of being an artist in Hong Kong and how they find the environment.  There’s a huge discussion of roots and belonging, of culture and politics.  Quentin wades through all his friends’ advice and answers to arrive at his own conclusion.

I think the film really resonates for those from Hong Kong or those who have some sort of connection to the territory.  I think in this modern age of mass global immigration, there is a lot of intercultral mixing at many different levels.  It’s a huge continuum of those who are culturally homogenous to those who are culturally diverse.  The film definitely examines different people along different points of this continuum.

I really appreciate that Quentin Lee has graciously posted the entire film on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.  I don’t always get to go out to film fests to see these kind of films.  Also, it can very difficult to find these movies to rent or purchase because of their “obscure” nature.

Here’s the trailer from film.  To see all the different parts of the film, go to 0506HK.com.  Then if you really like it, I encourage you to purchase the DVD when it becomes available.

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