‘One in 20 cars to be electric in a decade’

The Vancouver Sun, November 25, 2008

Exciting times and changes are ahead if the title above holds true.  Imagine that the current gas guzzling fleet of millions of cars across Canada could be potentially mostly run by electricity instead of gas.  That would have a huge impact on our emissions.  We just need the willingness to put such revolutionary ideas into action in our infrastructure and dinosaur-thinking companies like the Big Three need to really evolve or die.

The one big wrench in this whole plan is that the automobile itself creates an unsustainable infrastructure that encourages us to drive from destination instead of just walking down to the ma-and-pa store down the street.  Huge parking lots separate stores that could have been right next to each other.

What would be even better, would also be a revolution in public transit.  Our current systems are already very inadequate for the cities they serve.  Toronto, in particular, has a subway system that served the city of 20-plus years ago.


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