States may direct Obama’s infrastructure funds to roads News. This is somewhat sad news, but not totally surprising.  States are eager to fix roads that are in a severe state of neglect.  How did they get that way anyway? In any case, a new future definitely does not include roads to the extent that we have them now.  Cities cannot continue to be based on the automobile just for the sake of … Continue reading States may direct Obama’s infrastructure funds to roads

World’s 10 Best Commutes featured a Forbes story on the best commutes in the world.  There are also other related articles found on the page.  Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the Asian megacities and some European cities filled the top 10 as follows: Hong Kong, China Tokyo, Japan Chennai, India Dakar, Senegal Osaka, Japan London, England Beijing, China Mumbai, India Krakow, Poland Berlin, Germany Ease of urban mobility We … Continue reading World’s 10 Best Commutes

Forget your area code? Read the T-shirt.

UPDATE: Fort Apparel has closed its digital doors since August 2010. So their very cool shirts are no longer available, but you can at least admire their designs. Here’s hoping to them coming back Here’s a new idea that was featured in Spacing Magazine.  I guess that’s one way to show your Toronto pride, if you’re from Toronto.  Not to worry.  Fort Apparel is covering … Continue reading Forget your area code? Read the T-shirt.

Canadian Infrastructure Spending – Rebuilding Canada – series If you have nothing to read over the holidays, then I guess you can read the series by the Canwest News Service.  The series focuses on Social/Recreational Facilities, Roads and Bridges, Public Transit, Water/Sewers, and Garbage Disposal.Already from glancing at the numbers and information, the details are hardly detailed enough to give you the precise picture of the funding … Continue reading Canadian Infrastructure Spending

The High Cost of Hearing Loss

The High Cost of Hearing Loss. Trying this new Press This feature in WordPress.  Pretty impressive.  Saves me from creating the title and setting up the link.  Today’s story comes from The Vancouver Sun. I’m a little surprised that they found somebody with a hearing loss to interview.  Of course, it shouldn’t be that hard, but people with a hearing loss don’t usually like to … Continue reading The High Cost of Hearing Loss

Is “rapid transit” the real solution?

Stephen Rees’ Blog – Rethinking the need for speed It is always an interesting read to see what Stephen has to say about recent articles.  He provides a detailed explanation of his views on “rapid transit” and restructuring our suburbs.  Is rapid transit really the necessity for getting motorists out of their cars or is it the whole package of the transit system (comfort, ease … Continue reading Is “rapid transit” the real solution?

Making Gordon Price’s Vancouver Blogosphere list

I’m greatly honoured to know that Gordon Price has been clicking through my site as part of his daily blog reading.  Too bad I can’t blog daily at the moment.  Life continues, you know.  Groceries, laundry, sweeping the floors, dog walking – the simple pleasures of life.  Then add on Christmas.  Yikes. In any case, thank you very much to Gordon for listing me on … Continue reading Making Gordon Price’s Vancouver Blogosphere list