Is “rapid transit” the real solution?

Stephen Rees’ Blog – Rethinking the need for speed

It is always an interesting read to see what Stephen has to say about recent articles.  He provides a detailed explanation of his views on “rapid transit” and restructuring our suburbs.  Is rapid transit really the necessity for getting motorists out of their cars or is it the whole package of the transit system (comfort, ease of use, ease of access, and speed)?  Can our burbs be redesigned to allow for Transit Oriented Development and encourage healthier, more sustainable lifestyles?  This article is basically a reaction to a recent Globe and Mail article by David Beers.

The comments are also very interesting.  The great SkyTrain vs. LRT debate rages on in the comments.  Lot of people are putting forth the idea of mixing SkyTrain and LRT along the Broadway Corridor.  It definitely seems a reasonable compromise, but then we have to think of what is really most cost-effective and the logistics of finding space not only for the rails, but also for an Operations and Maintenance Centre for an LRT along that corridor.

There also seems to be some suggestion to put SkyTrain on ground level west of VCC-Clark Station.  It would have to be in a giant ugly box or be majorly fenced up to run a driverless train with an electrified track .  A separated light rail would not necessarily need such extreme fencing and segregation since tracks are not electrified and there are usually drivers to help monitor the hazards ahead.


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