Canadian Infrastructure Spending – Rebuilding Canada – series

If you have nothing to read over the holidays, then I guess you can read the series by the Canwest News Service.  The series focuses on Social/Recreational Facilities, Roads and Bridges, Public Transit, Water/Sewers, and Garbage Disposal.Already from glancing at the numbers and information, the details are hardly detailed enough to give you the precise picture of the funding needed for some of these  projects.

There is that elusive $14 billion figure that the B.C. Liberals keep bantering about for the Public Transit expansion across the province.  What is not often said in papers is how that $14 billion is divided up.  It’s not all coming from the B.C. government.  A huge chunk of that $14 bil price tag is supposed to be covered by federal government.  Whether that portion ever materializes is up to Ottawa.  So if our Vancouver numbers are little misleading and lacking important details, then take all the other numbers with a grain of salt.  The devil is always in the details.

Although, I guess that’s what the whole series written here is about – starting a conversation on what Ottawa can spend on to support our ailing infrastructure.  Gordon Price writes in a “Memo to Kevin and Gregor” (Kevin Falcon and Gregor Robertson) that we should focus a lot of our new spending on transit and crumbling bridges instead of widening highways.  He quotes from a report from the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., and the New York Times.

I would basically say the gist of the message is to take the money allotted for the Gateway Highway Projects and redirect them to transit that would produce more walkable suburbs and give people real personal transport alternatives other than the car.


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