Forget your area code? Read the T-shirt.

UPDATE: Fort Apparel has closed its digital doors since August 2010. So their very cool shirts are no longer available, but you can at least admire their designs. Here’s hoping to them coming back

Four One Six T from Fort Apparel
Four One Six T from Fort Apparel

Here’s a new idea that was featured in Spacing Magazine.  I guess that’s one way to show your Toronto pride, if you’re from Toronto.  Not to worry.  Fort Apparel is covering the three largest urban area codes in the country.  So 604 and 514, Vancouver and Montreal, respectively, are well represented by this new series of T-shirts.  Being a Toronto company, Fort Apparel definitely has a lot more variety for the Four One Six shirts than they do for the other ones.  They even have big names like Russell Peters and George Stroumboulopoulos wearing their gear on their blog.

The Six Zero Four shirt is named the ‘west coast’ shirt and is in a black, yellow, and orange colour scheme.  I wouldn’t say that’s a very Vancouver colour.  Unless the folks at Fort didn’t realize that the Canucks have not used that colour scheme for almost 10 years now.  Perhaps you could call it “vintage” 80’s and 90’s Canucks colours.  Or perhaps it is a tribute to Trevor Linden’s retirement?  Hardly. And the only other thing, we never “Six Zero Four,” we tend to say “Six Oh Four.”  Niggly detail.

In any case, the Six Zero Four is not a bad looking shirt and you can make out some of the Vancouver skyline like the sails at Canada Place and Harbour Centre.  If they want to sell even more shirts on the West Coast, they better adopt the very vogue blue and green combo that seems to be adorning everything in this city from our hockey team to the trains of our upcoming rapid transit line.

Six Zero Four T
Six Zero Four T

Fort Apparel will also have to come up with all the alternate area codes in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver: 647, 438, and 778, respectively.  Poor cell phone users will be left without a shirt on their backs.

4 thoughts on “Forget your area code? Read the T-shirt.

  1. Really appreciate the interest! You’re bang on with the Canucks colour origin and look for new ‘west coast’ colourways soon. As for the big names, you forgot about one of our other big supporters, Cabbie!


  2. FORT! I need your shirts, how can I get one??? Please reply here or to ihate_pants(At) or if anyone else knows please let me know!

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