States may direct Obama’s infrastructure funds to roads News.

This is somewhat sad news, but not totally surprising.  States are eager to fix roads that are in a severe state of neglect.  How did they get that way anyway?

In any case, a new future definitely does not include roads to the extent that we have them now.  Cities cannot continue to be based on the automobile just for the sake of the status quo.

I don’t want to drive out to the burbs to the big box store along the highway.  I hate having to get one thing at one store, then have to drive and get something else.  I guess that’s why Metrotown has been as successful as it has been in Burnaby.  It’s one stop shopping in the burbs.  Although, you could hardly call Metrotown the burbs anymore.

Canada faces similar issues north of the border.  Harper is now expected to release some funds and run a deficity to help fund stimulus projects to keep the economy going.  We have some worthy transit projects across the country.  Perhaps he’d be willing to consider some sort of improved rail transport between his own town of Calgary and Edmonton.  The corridor is relatively flat and would be relatively easy to build a high-speed train.  It’s just a matter of what you do in the middle of the frigid Alberta winters.

Vancouver will likely want to fund the Evergreen Line with new funds; however, Kevin Falcon may prefer some funds to go to the Gateway Highway expansion projects.  That would be short-sighted and not really benefit our region as a whole.  Some industrial developers would definitely like the highway projects to go through.

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