Aberdeen Centre expansion -2010

Aberdeen Centre – Future Expansion There’s not much data on this page except for a couple of renditions of what the new expansion of Aberdeen Centre in Richmond will look like.  However, it is exciting to think of transforming central Richmond into a more interesting urban environment. I can only hope for a friendlier walking environment.  Richmond’s core is still very much geared for moving … Continue reading Aberdeen Centre expansion -2010

One Last Loop « Price Tags

Price Tags – January 21, 2008 I do sometimes envy how Gordon Price has a pulse on the city.  In any case, here’s another article is a great piece of news on the elimination of the onramp/offramp loops at the northern end of the Granville Street bridge.  It looks like they will subdivide the area and create more streets.  More walkable blocks and better access … Continue reading One Last Loop « Price Tags

Granville Reconstructed « Price Tags

Price Tags – January 19, 2009 Granville Street is getting a facelift starting this year.  Since part of Granville Street was ripped up as a part of Canada Line station construction, it made a lot of sense to do something else with the street. Well, the Granville Street Redesign is finally moving from paper into reality.  It looks like construction is starting soon, and Gordon … Continue reading Granville Reconstructed « Price Tags

More from a Chinese Restaurant

I don’t know if you’ve realized it yet, but service in a Chinese restaurant is often, well …. how should I say this … non-existent at times.  Chinese restaurants haven’t been totally big on the idea of service.  Of course, there are nicer Chinese restaurants and more run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurants.  Typically, the service does get better the higher up you go. I appreciate good service … Continue reading More from a Chinese Restaurant

Patullo Bridge out; chaos ensues?

Vancouver Sun: Expect even more gridlock Vancouver Sun: Expected commuter crush on SkyTrain didn’t happen Hmm…the chaos didn’t happen?  I’m not totally surprised.  If people know that they are forced to take an alternative, they will do whatever they can to take that alternative.  It certainly seems like volumes are heavier at major chokepoints like the Highway 1 exit to Guildford and surrounding environs, the … Continue reading Patullo Bridge out; chaos ensues?

Pet Peeves: Doggie doo on the sidewalk

As the snow has started to melt, a new pet peeve has revealed itself in the wake of the white stuff.  There’s now brown stuff in the middle of the sidewalk.  Actually, the real problem is not limited to recent weeks or months.  It’s an ongoing issue with irresponsible dog owners. There are some dog owners that give all dog owners a bad name.  These … Continue reading Pet Peeves: Doggie doo on the sidewalk

Skyscraper Fantasies of the Middle East

Malaysia City: The Race to Build the World’s Tallest Now there’s an impressive skyline to look at.  It seems like only the Middle East has the money and creativity to put up these kind of towers nowadays, although it looks like Chicago, New York, and Tianjin are also active participants in this tower frenzy. However, as the Malaysia City post points out, the economic crisis … Continue reading Skyscraper Fantasies of the Middle East